Fire safety equipment by Snowdonia Fire Protection

Fire Door Installation & Servicing

A key contributor towards a safe work environment, fire doors can be used to separate escape routes from hazards, aiding in the emergency evacuation process by providing valuable time for escape. However, in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (Fire Safety), fire doors must also be routinely maintained at every establishment to which the order applies. These checks should be carried out at least every six months, or even more frequently depending on the volume of traffic through the door.

If you are looking for a reliable company who can provide regular fire door maintenance, as well as fire door installation services, look no further than Snowdonia Fire Protection Ltd. Our specialist team are experts when it comes to all things fire safety doors, and will help you ensure that the fire doors at your premises are safe and compliant at all times. To find out more about commercial fire door servicing, please get in touch with us today.