Exterior CCTV system


There’s one surveillance camera for every eleven people in Britain. Why? Because they work. It’s a powerful deterrent and a tried and tested method of preserving your property’s safety.

CCTV can monitor and capture events as they happen in real time protecting your property, vehicles and possessions from theft, vandalism and abuse.

Multiscreen views allow you to monitor multiple locations on a single screen all at the same time and with internet access you can view your cameras from almost anywhere in the world on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

CCTV also offers the facility to recall events, minutes, days or even weeks after they have occurred, providing vital evidence of misuse/abuse of machinery, property or even people.

This can be particularly useful in preventing fraudulent or unfounded insurance claims as well as providing undisputable evidence that will stand up in court.

At Snowdonia Fire & Security we offer a whole range of CCTV systems to suit every requirement. Please contact us for a free no obligation survey.